Massage Therapy

Types of Massage Therapy

HEAD, NECK & SHOULDER – 25 minutes/$40
Perfect for those who endure long hours at the desk!

SWEDISH –  60 minutes/$95   |   90 minutes/$145
Most relaxing type of massage that includes long and firm strokes.

DEEP TISSUE – 60 minutes/$105   |   90 minutes/$160
Ideal for severe stiffness and pain. Not recommended for beginners.

SHIATSU – 60 minutes/$115   |   90 minutes/$175
Targets acupressure points to eliminate toxins and restore the body.

HOT STONE – 60 minutes/$125   |   90 minutes/$190
Heated river rocks are used with massage strokes.

PRENATAL – 60 minutes/$105   |   90 minutes/$175
Gentle and relaxing. Helps expecting mothers deal with significant changes, creating a stronger sense of wellness that benefits both the mother and child.

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