Our list of massage services

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Relax with any of our therapeutic body services.


most relaxing type of massage that includes long, firm strokes.
$105  1 hour     $155   90 minutes 

Deep Tissue
ideal for severe stiffness and pain.
not recommended for initial treatment.

$115  1 hour     $170   90 minutes

targets acupressure points to eliminate toxins
and restore the body.

$125  1 hour     $185   90 minutes 

Hot Stone
heated river rocks are used with massage strokes.
$135  1 hour     $200   90 minutes 

gentle and relaxing. helps expectant mothers deal with significant changes, creating a strong sense of wellness that benefits both mother and child.
$115  1 hour     $170   90 minutes


All services must be done before 4 P.M. on
Wednesday or Thursday.

Complimentary In-A-Dash Pedicure with

* Head, Neck & Shoulder
perfect for those who endure long hours at the desk!
$45   25 minutes 
* 30 mins Foot Massage
herbal foot soak followed foot massage
with asian techniques




* Plush  Papaya Body Scrub
A refreshing pineapple papaya scrub is used to polish your body, leaving it silky smooth. Our firming serum is massaged into the skin to nourish and hydrate. Mother of Pearl cream is applied to further refine the skin and invigorate the senses.
$110   1 hour

* Detox Volcanic Clay Wrap
This service starts out with a deep exfoliating session with movements that will stimulate lymph drainage. You will then be cocooned in a purifying and remineralizing clay mask and receive a relaxing scalp massage.  Lastly, muscle relief creme is applied to bring harmony to the body and senses. Perfect after an adventure in the great outdoors!
$120   75 minutes

* ZEN'S SIGNATURE Body Scrub & Wrap
This luxurious body treatment uses a combination of Asian and European spa techniques to slough away dead skin and drain lymphatic system to help eliminate toxins from the body.  Before being wrapped in a thermal blanket, targeted areas will be wrapped with bandages soaked with firming essence. A luxurious scalp treatment is performed during the wrap. The finale is an application of a luxurious cream, which aids in skin renewal and regeneration.
A great service to get before any big event!

$145   90 minutes


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